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Online course: – Full year online Physics course

Who is this course for
  • This course is for toppers and above-average students who want to excel at school and also crack competitive exams like IITJEE. This is NOT an easy course. This is an advanced course for hard-working students willing to study serious physics at least 5 hours every week.
Why this course
  • Many students like Physics but find it difficult. This is because just knowing laws and formulas is NOT enough. Doing well in Physics requires both concept clarity and problem solving techniques.
  • Dr. Balaji Sampath has done extensive research on student misconceptions and problem solving difficulties and has developed innovative techniques to address these learning gaps.
  • In this course, he will train you on his unique approach to Physics and Problem Solving.
What we offer
  • Each week you will get a new set of classroom video lectures by Dr. Balaji Sampath, interactive concept lessons, practice exercises with video solutions and periodic tests.
  • Step by step, these weekly videos and exercises will build your understanding of the key ideas and how to apply them in various situations. Solved examples and Video Solutions will help you learn innovative techniques for problem solving.