How hard is it to crack IIT?

JEE is not difficult, it is tricky in its approach. The questions asked in the exams cannot be answered by plane mugging up of textual concepts. JEE questions, test deep and clear understanding of the concept.

The reason JEE question paper is designed this way is to check if the candidate has true passion and understanding of engineering before they join the best engineering and technology universities in the country.

Another reason why students dread IIT-JEE is that today thousands of coaching classes for IIT-JEE has popped up all around the country. This perhaps creates an impression that an examination that requires coaching at such a level must be difficult.

As every question carries equal weightage, the candidate should be smart enough to understand the question he/she will be able to solve easily and dedicate more time on those questions. This way, the chances of a better score increase substantially. The student must understand that given ample amount of time, every aspirant can solve all the questions correctly. The trick is in scoring the maximum in the given amount of time.

All said and done JEE does require an ample amount of hard work. There is absolutely no substitute for that. Only with a good amount of practice, can a student get complete understanding and clarity about the subject. In an applicative competitive examination like IIT-JEE, only hard work, rather smart work can guarantee desired results.

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  • IS IIT FOR ME? : Be realistic, but not so much that you say “ I could hardly manage a 75% in 10th, i don’t think IIT is for me?” (There are examples like Chetan Bhagat(76% in 10th) who have done it).
  • MOTIVATION AND DETERMINATION : Determination follows motivation, first step be motivated, second be determined and say to yourself that come what may you will do it!(and really mean it)

step 1 : Be motivated: Ask yourself, why do you want IIT ‘bad enough’, find a reason, is it the brand, which will make you famous( at least make you different from ‘plain vanilla’ type college’s students), and will help in getting a good job, is it the lure of extra curricular activities at IIT’s, or the name and fame after being an IITian.

Find out what motivates you (you may think what you want from life and how being an IITian will make it easier for you to achieve it).You must have a reason why do you want to get into an IIT.

Once you are motivated, determination will follow.But from here the real challenge starts, being determined is easy but remaining determined for 2 years is a very tough job.


  1. AVOID LATE START: A large no: of jee aspirants(mostly the droppers) start after wasting one full year of their 11th standard, some start even after 12th(my case).
  2. AVOID REGRETTING: This directly follows point no: 1, after a slow start, when students see others at coaching institutes they regret over their past and remain demotivated throughout the year. Also some get demotivated by the competition, they must know that there are more than 10000 seats to compete for in only the IIT’s , and the are lot of other good options like NIT’s, IIIT’s and many other private colleges, so give your best and you will surely get a very good engineering college.
  3. NEVER TAKE IT FOR GRANTED: JEE is an exam where only the ones who have prepared (extremely) well can hope to come at top, you must have a good plan , set daily targets and give your everything to accomplish them.Remember that only wishful thinking and no efforts will lead you nowhere.
  4. STUDY SCHEDULE AND TIME TABLE : Make a good and realistic time table , if possible, ask your teacher to make it for you,and avoid late night studies(every teacher say this, but only toppers follow). You should also set daily (achievable) targets for you, but there is no meaning if you don’t reach your target (in such case there are two possibilities, whether you are not working hard or your target is unachievable for u, remember every student has his/her own capabilities, if someone is doing 150 questions a day it is not necessary that also have to do it, start from small and slowly you will progress). QUESTION: WHAT WILL BE THE CONSEQUENCES OF NOT COMPLETING OUR DAILY TARGETS? Ans. Nothing much, but u will surely not get an IIT(personal experience). Also, studying with less concentration in jee means no study at all.
  5. JOIN A GOOD COACHING INSTITUTE: If your parents could afford it, you should join a coaching institute as these persons are in this business from the time before you were born and they have answer to each and every question of yours be it about how to study, what to study, and most importantly what not to.(at least find a teacher in your school who can show you the right path)
  6. HAVE INTERACTION WITH TEACHERS: Always be in direct contact with your teachers (and impress them with your performance, they will help you more) , approach them without hesitation in you encounter any kind of problem, after all you are paying (a lot of) money for it. Some students are always keen in finding flaws in their teachers, don’t be the one and also keep safe distance from such people, you should believe in your teachers(they may do something wrong sometimes, but after all they are too human beings).
  7. KNOW THE RIGHT PERSON “NOT” TO BE WITH: Maintain safe distance from all kind of persons stated below.
  • People saying things like: “Arre tere se ye bhi nahi hua?”
  • Others saying like: “Paper toh bahut farzi tha?” when you know that it was one of the most toughest one.
  • And the most dangerous ones who say: “Tu padhta toh bahut hai yaar?” when you could not perform well in tests and the one who says this gets good marks.(Such persons always find ways to boast about themselves, It really hurts a lot but u need to remain patient and wait for the right time and answer them with your performance).
  • There is one more class of people from which you should remain miles away(and see if you don’t become one):
  • ONE WHO CONSIDER THEMSELVES AS THE SMARTEST PERSON: This is the problem with a large no: of jee aspirants, there are some people in every batch(these are ones who secure a position in top 10 in your batch), they always try to create such situations so that others talk about their intelligence. Such people always boast about themselves and always keep saying that they don’t study at home and also gain a lot of praise and some disciples who glorify them as they get a good enough rank in tests, but their jee paper is always ruined and they have the familiar answer that “i never studied, so i accept it”, but they are fooling nobody but themselves . So my advice is, not be the one of them and never praise such self made geniuses as they are very misleading, ignore them as much as you can.

Some more tips:

  1. Focus on improving your problem-solving speed, which requires continuous practice. Drill yourself with regular numerical problem practice. By the time you go for the actual exam, you will have developed a knack for recognizing the type of problem at once, just by looking at it.
  2. Give regular mock tests and never miss your coaching institute’s tests, also keep an eye on your performance.
  3. Have a good plan for revision. You may see the one which i have written below.

simple method of revision:

  • in your time table, give one (or 1.5) extra hour daily for revision of completed portion.
  • this time may be the time when you don’t feel about studying(like the last hour of your study in night)
  • revise one topic, and next day practice problems on it(good problems which you have already practiced or have tick marked for revision, everybody does that)
  • make a list of revised topics and update it daily
  • last and most important, keep everything simple (keep your plans simple and in written), so that you don’t waste most of your time in planning.

In the last, always be confident and never give up, there are a lot more good colleges too except IIT’s, and you always have the chance to get into one if you just apply a little effort for them.

Abhijeet Singh, IIITK student on Quora

What exams other than JEE and GATE are used for admissions to IIT and IISc?

When I applied to IISc in 2012 for Physics, I had the option to enter the following Entrance test results:

  • GATE (2011/2012)
  • JEST (2012)
  • DBT JRF (2011)
  • ICMR JRF (2011)
  • Joint CSIR-UGC NET for JRF (2010/2011 Jun/Dec)
  • NBHM (2012)
  • UGC NET for JRF (2010/2011 Jun/Dec)

There were probably more, but these are the ones I see in the printed copy of my application form.

Raziman T.V., Graduated from IIT Kanpur in 2012 on Quora

What are some good combination of scores [JEE mains + board] to get into IIT

Depending upon the previous year stats, these are possibly rankings for 2016:

CBSE%     JEE score       All India Rank

91.2%          165                 22000

94%             132                 29000

96%            229                    2669

96.2%         222                    2701

Around 260 marks +98%= Below 300 or 500 AIR
Around 250 marks+94.8% =around 4200 AIR

95% + 198 = ~ 8.8k
96% + 191  = ~ 6.3k
92% + 230 = ~ 9k

93.8 % and 187 rank 15k

Pranjal Kumar on Quora

Next Steps...

If above sounds interesting and make you want to join premier institution like IIT, first step would be to join a coaching. While one may be able to prepare by herself/himself, best thing to do will be join online / physical classroom coaching which will help you train faster and make you think critically.