How should I study for IIT JEE mains 2017?

According to a study, Each year about 65-70% JEE main aspirants want to need only in IITs. So dream for IITs and NITs and prepare well to achieve

  1. Online Coaching: Around 45% JEE main aspirants prefer online coaching than any physical medium. You should give your time to internet to solve out some complex questions and join online coaching classes to prepare for JEE main online.
  2. Offline Coaching: You should join any coaching institute to get tips and tricks to clear JEE Main 2017 exam in 3 months or 6 Months. There are various Coaching institutes which provides coaching to crack JEE main 2017 in just 3 months.
  3. Take Expert Advice: You can get expert tips and tricks to clear JEE mains 2017 from online experts and they will elaborate some more tricks to clear the examination.
  4. Make a Study plan: According to a study, 37% IITians starts to prepare for JEE main exam one year before the date of examination.
  5. Time Management is Key: Time management is the key of success and we advise you to divide your time in slots for different subjects and do some time to physical activities to relax your mind.
  6. Avoid Distraction: Always avoid the things which distracts your mind during preparation.
  7. Use internet in a different way: You can use internet to prepare for JEE main examination and Facebook is the best way to prepare along with being social. You should join JEE main online groups and like JEE main 2017 preparation pages to get latest updates about the examination and tips to clear JEE main 2017 shared by many users.
  8. Use YouTube Tutorials: YouTube is the best way to prepare for JEE main 2017 from videos which are being uploaded by various experts and you can download them free from there.
  9. Good Health possesses Good Mind: You should focus on your health to avoid any kind of obstacle in your JEE main preparation due to headache, weakness and fever etc.
  10. Prepare through Mock Tests: JEE main mock tests are available on various websites on internet and also on this website. You can download them and prepare well to get good ranks in JEE main 2017. Check out IIT JEE main 2017 Mock tests from HERE
  11. Positive Attitude: Positive attitude and positive thinking makes to think better and it will help you to prepare well for examination and then appear in the main examination with same attitude.
  12. Know your exam well: You should have knowledge about everything related to your examination and here are some important information links for you.
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